Business Seminars

The skills for the job

Berlitz Business Seminars offer a huge range of courses with a practical and relevant approach to around 60 topics from many different industries - for career starters, middle managers and top executives. A popular option is to combine these seminars with a foreign language.

Intercultural Competence

The world is an open place. What you make of it is up to you. We live in an era of limitless mobility, freedom of travel and professional opportunities on every continent. The technical and practical possibilities are not what restrict us in most cases. The greatest limitations are often in our minds.

Basics & country-specific knowledge

The basics of intercultural collaboration and country-specific knowledge - taught in a compact package.

International Management

It is an art to motivate yourself and others to deliver a top performance, to make proper use of talent and to transform visions into reality.

Operating Globally - e-learning

Here you practise specific managerial skills in a global context with our experienced culture and management experts.

Successful Management Solutions

In the present day, for international success in the business environment simply acquiring language skills is not enough. We offer a suit of development solutions which equip leaders with a set of skills they are in need of for global success.

Leadership and Strategy Seminars

The key aspects of managements competence - taught in a compact package.


Efficient communication is now more important than it has ever been. It is the rock upon which businesses and careers are built and is a key component of continued success.

Our Seminar Formats

  • In-company training: on your own premises and exclusive to your own staff
  • Shorties: mini-seminar format with 4 hours of training
  • Online Live Seminars: interactive live trainings in virtual classrooms

If you are interested in a targeted training course from the range of Berlitz Seminars, get in touch with us today.