Are you looking to learn a new language quickly or brush up your language skills despite your busy schedule? Is it important to you to have course content that is geared toward your needs and time constraints? You can learn at your own pace and practice speaking your new language with a dedicated teacher.

Boost your language skills in next to no time – with customized, intensive, flexible instruction

Individual instruction is the most intensive way to learn a language since it allows you to fully immerse yourself. Your personal instructor is guided by your needs and learning pace. This lets you reach your learning goal in the shortest possible time.

Individual Instruction Premium

The ultimate in flexibility. With the Individual Instruction Premium option you have full flexibility with regard to the number of lessons, timetable, and length of contract.

Total Immersion

Developed in collaboration with the McGill University Department of Psychology in Montreal, this is the quickest, most immersive and therefore most effective way to master a new language. Intensive individual instruction with 12 lessons per day.

Your benefits with Total Immersion:

  • Quick and targeted mastery of language challenges
  • Available for all language levels and in all living languages
  • One lesson per day with two instructors
  • Personal timetable with a high degree of customization
  • Speak for a very high proportion of the time
  • Rapid learning success

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