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Effective course materials are some of the most essential components of any rewarding language course. Berlitz has a range of speech and language activities designed to foster language learning and help learners speak with confidence. The success of these course materials lies in Berlitz's dedication to keeping them modern and relevant to learners’ everyday life and the world of business. Berlitz language material comes in audio and video format supported by a wide selection of online speech and language activities.

As a student at Berlitz Augsburg, you will encounter a range of beneficial materials.

  • The course book has authentic and lively content and exercises that pique your interest and focus on the world around you. You can listen to the audio CD at home or on the go to work on your pronunciation and listening comprehension no matter where you are.
  • Additionally, the authentic language magazine contains topical articles written by international authors, exposing you to the rich variety of vocabulary and style found in your target language.

Great materials for great students

For English learners, an accompanying web program provides additional online support where they find grammar exercises, vocabulary training and fun learning games. Furthermore, in the discussion forums, they can interact with other Berlitz students and trainers. The Berlitz English magazine contains topical articles written by both American and British authors, exposing learners to the rich variety of vocabulary and style found in the English language. The selection of self-study and in-course materials combined with the excellent teaching methods used by Berlitz instructors pave the way to your linguistic success.

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