Combine Vacations with Language Learning

In our safe, comfortable and all-inclusive camps

Over the past 15 years more than 100,000 children and young people aged 7 to 17 have taken part in our language camps. Whether it's English, French, Spanish or German training under the guidance of our native counselors, the campers use their new language skills throughout the day - both during instruction as well as in the afternoon and evening activities.

Language instruction plus great leisure activities:

In over 76 locations in Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg and Switzerland you can benefit from the best possible combination of language learning and recreation during the school holiday. We offer, among others:

Berlitz Sprachcamps Vorteile
  • Trend sports: slacklining, crossboccia, ring tennis, speed badminton and waveboarding
  • Water fun with canoes, catamarans, kayaks, rubber dinghies and courses in water skiing, sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing
  • Basketball, football, golf, tennis, archery, riding and climbing
  • Creative workshops in film, drama, music and dance, and magic and conjuring tricks
  • Sightseeing and leadership skills

Exciting and motivating instruction

The participants at our Camps don't only learn during the morning lessons made up of lively components such as interviews and role plays - they are also encouraged to put the language they have learnt into practice during their leisure time.

In all the Camps - participants can kill four birds with one stone! They're on holiday, they can take part in exciting activities, make new friends and learn a foreign language! And at the same time, they're laying the foundations for improving their performance in school next year, almost without realizing it.

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