Looking to build a future in Augsburg and increase your career prospects? In a German course with Berlitz in Augsburg, you will not only learn to understand and speak German, but you will also learn more about German culture and expand your personal and professional perspectives.

A Berlitz German course in Augsburg will allow you to learn German with the proven Berlitz method in a friendly and motivating atmosphere.

German Courses at Our Language School in Augsburg:

Our Berlitz language school is located in the Augsburg city center near Rathausplatz. Our German courses are tailored to your needs, learning goals, and personal learning style. Here is a selection of our German courses in Augsburg:

Intensive German Courses

Our intensive German courses in Augsburg take place daily in small groups and offer you the perfect opportunity to improve your German language skills quickly and effectively.

German Evening Courses

Berlitz German evening courses in Augsburg take place two evenings a week, giving you the opportunity to learn German quickly and effectively in a small group after work.

Private German Lessons

Learn German with one-on-one instruction with Berlitz in Augsburg and benefit from flexible scheduling as well as a learning pace and length tailored to your individual learning needs.

Your German course will take place directly at our Berlitz language school in Augsburg.


Karlstraße 12

86150 Augsburg

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We offer German courses in Augsburg at every level

Do you want to learn German in Augsburg? Wonderful! As a first step, we will conduct an oral placement test with you to determine your current level of German proficiency. Additionally, we will discuss your individual language learning needs so that we can find the right German course for you. We offer German courses at all levels in Augsburg, from A1 to C2:

German Course A1

Discover the basics of the German language with our A1 German course in Augsburg. Begin your journey to speaking German and prepare to express yourself effortlessly in everyday situations.

German Course A2

In our A2 German course in Augsburg, you will deepen your understanding of the language and gain more confidence in using German. Explore practical topics, expand your vocabulary, and apply your knowledge in various situations.

German Course B1

Expand your language proficiency in our B1 course and prepare to successfully integrate into German society. Deepen your understanding of complex topics and construct complex sentences to express yourself fluently.

German Course B2

Our B2 German course in Augsburg will refine your language skills and help you achieve an advanced level of German proficiency. Master complex grammatical structures and understand challenging texts. Develop the ability to express yourself precisely and fluently and achieve your goals with ease.

German Course C1

Deepen your understanding of complex topics and enhance your communicative skills in our C1 course. Expand your vocabulary and learn to express yourself at the highest level to operate professionally in the German language.

German Course C2

With our C2 course, you will reach the highest level of language proficiency. Perfect your language skills and achieve native-like fluency. Immerse yourself in the nuances of the German language and communicate effortlessly at the highest linguistic and cultural level.

Not sure which German level to start with? Contact us and we will clarify your level together through an oral placement test. Our free online placement test is also a good way to get a first impression of your level in the German language.

German Courses for Companies in Augsburg

Are you looking for German courses for your employees to improve communication with colleagues and clients? Then one of our German courses in Augsburg is right for you: evening German courses, intensive German courses in the mornings, online German courses, or directly in your companyin Augsburg and the surrounding area.

Or are you an employee looking to book a German course through your employer? Contact us and we will discuss your training needs and provide you with a professional quote for your company.

How to Learn German Effectively

Step 1: Learn about the various German courses in Augsburg that we offer.

Step 2: Contact us! Together, we will determine your current level of German and which German course best suits your needs.

Step 3: Enroll in your chosen German course and stay committed.

Step 4: Practice regularly, especially speaking.

Step 5: Receive constant feedback so you can continuously improve.

Learn German with Berlitz Augsburg

Contact us today with your questions. We can work together to find the course that’s right for you – with no obligation on your part. Your Berlitz team in Augsburg will contact you shortly.