Open Group Courses for Your Employees

Small Group, large language learning success

Your employees will profit from the special motivation of Berlitz group instruction. Participants start with similar skills in the target language and help each other progress. Whether for beginners or for participants with advanced skills, participants' starting levels will be determined with a placement test before the course starts. In no time at all, your employees will notice the first learning successes.

Upcoming Open Group Courses in Augsburg

English Courses English

CourseStartCourse Level

English Course "Georgetown"

2020-03-02 8 | CEF B2.1

English Course "Fresno"

2020-02-19 6 | CEF B1.2

Saturday Business English

2020-02-29 5 | CEF B1.1

German Courses German

CourseStartCourse Level

French Courses French

CourseStartCourse Level

French Course "Brest"

2019-11-04 2 | CEF A2.1

French Course "Paris"

2019-11-11 3 | CEF A2.2

French Course "Nantes"

2019-11-14 1 | CEF A1

Spanish Courses Spanish

CourseStartCourse Level

Spanish Course "Madrid"

2019-11-14 1 | CEF A1

Spanish Course "Mallorca"

2019-11-11 3 | CEF A2.2

Spanish Course "Valencia"

2019-11-27 5 | CEF B1.1
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